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Danuta Tydor

Painting, Drawing, Sculpture
I am a multi-disciplined Artist currently involved in a media of visual art and hand-built ceramic sculpture. Being versatile in my work, I enjoy to express myself freely from imposed restrictions either on genre, subject or technique in my creativity.

I work spontaneously using my intuition, which fulfills my emotional needs at a given time and place. My objectives are to reflect the way of life, social situations and environmental surroundings using symbolism.

Some of my whimsical work occasionally contains a hint of humour and/or sarcasm, yet still remains optimistically hopeful, even when dealing with a serious theme. Most of my paintings are representational or figurative with attention to detail and aesthetic.

Presently I am working in acrylic and original oil on canvas and I love to integrate strong, vibrant, luminous colours.


Wallenstein, ON.
N0B 2S0

Ph/Fax   519-698-9980


Tangled in the season

Free at last