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As of March 2013: we have over 120 active members. 

If you are an active member and do not appear in this list, or wish to have a KWSA page created, please download the Word document or the PDF file at the bottom of this page. KWSA Website Contact information is provided in the files as well as instructions on how to write your Artists Statement and what file format your photos should be in.

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NameMediumKWSA PagePersonal Website
Ackford, Betsy Watercolour, Acrylic   
Adamska, Grazyna Painting, Drawing   
Anderson, Marion R. Watercolour, Acrylic Marion R. Anderson 
Bacso, Carole Painting Carole Bacso  
Bang, Lynn Painting   
Banks, Jan Watercolour, Acrylic, Drawing   
Bayne, Jane Painting Jane Bayne 
Brown, Mike Painting   
Buhrows, Terry painting   
Bulmer, Kathleen Watercolour, Acrylic, Pastel   
Campbell, Ardythe Painting Ardythe Campbell 
Carder-T, Kate Watercolour, Mixed media, Drawing, Fibres   
Charland, Paule M Acrylic Paule M Charland 
Chong, Maria Painting, Drawing, Mixed media, Photography, Installation   
Chvedovski, Valeri Painting, Drawing   
Coxson, Pauline Acrylic   
Curry, Marty Acrylic   
Dale, Thomas Photography   
Dickson, Tara Acrylic, Palette Knife Painter, Mixed Media, Intuitive Paintings Tara Dickson 
Didur, Phyllis Watercolour, Acrylic Phyllis Didur  
Dvorski, Krunomir Drawing, Carving, Sculpting Krunomir Dvorski 
Eastham, Diane Multimedia, Photography, Printmaking Diane Eastham 
Eckmier, Debbie R Acrylic, Oil, Watercolour, Drawing   
Entz, Daniel Sculpture   
Erb, Jason Oil Painting Jason Erb 
Farrell, Chris Painting, Photography, Animation Chris Farrell 
Furnival, Rick Painting, Photography   
Furnival, Sharon Painting, Photography   
Gascho-Jutzi, Judy Quilted Fibre Art 
Gitschner, Paul Painting   
Goldberg, Esther Painting, Drawing   
Gori, Jacqueline Painting Jacqueline Gori 
Gottfried, Dan Painting, Photography, Drawing   
Grace, Penny Photography, Digital art, Fabric art 
Granick, Marcella Painting, Drawing   
Grasse, Angela Fibres, Printmaking, Photography Angela Grasse 
Gregory, Frances Painting, Printmaking Frances Gregory 
Hamel, Robin Painting   
Hare, Ronald Photography, Printmaking   
Harvey, Ann Watercolour, Acrylic, Encaustic Ann Harvey  
Head, Thomas Mixed Media, Painting, Photography   
Heldmann, Jim Painting, Watercolour Jim Heldmann  
Henrich, Vicki Painting Vicki Henrich 
Hiller, Mary Lou Watercolour Painting Mary Lou Hiller 
Holden, Roy Painting   
Holmes, Brett Painting, Drawing   
Ivanco, Gail Drawing, Fibres, Painting   
Johnson, Dan Painting, Sculpture   
Kalyn, Pat  Watercolour, Acrylic, Printmaking Pat Kalyn  
Kay, Rosemary Acrylic, Drawing   
Kellar, Linda Painting Linda Kellar 
Kelly, Kathleen Photography, Printmaking   
Kingswood, Robert Painting, Sculpture, Drawing Robert Kingswood 
Lawrence, Vickie Graphite, coloured pencil, acrylic and mixed media Vickie Lawrence 
Lengyell, Debra Acrylic, Sculpture 
Lindschinger, Werner Photography   
Loberg, Lynda Painting, Drawing, Sculpture   
MacAulay, Jack Photography Jack MacAulay 
MacDonald, Barbara painting   
MacDonald, Norma Painting, Photography, Printmaking   
Maddison, Drew Painting Drew Maddison 
Main, Janet Watercolour, Drawing, Photography   
Major, Viktoria Acrylic   
Manuel, Todd Painting, Drawing, Photography Todd Manuel 
Marshall, Jean Painting   
Maver, Susan Watercolour   
McAlpine, Rita Painting   
McCarthy, Arlene Painting   
Mcdonald, Norma Painting, Photography, Printmaking   
McGill, John Photography John McGill 
Melanson, Carol Painting, Drawing   
Metcalf, David Drawing, Fibres, Sculpture   
Mladjenovic, Biserka Painting, Glass, Drawing, Photography, Printmaking   
Muise, Holly Painting, Drawing   
Mullin, Janet Digital Photography   
Murawsky, Marcia Acrylic   
Muszynski, Alicja Painting, Printmaking, Glass   
Nelson, Shirley Watercolour, Drawing   
Noice, Barry Watercolour, Acrylic, Drawing   
O'Driscoll, Pat Watercolour, Acrylic, Drawing Pat O'Driscoll  
Parsad, Asvin    
Pascoe, Cathy Coloured Pencil Cathy Pascoe Cathy's facebook gallery 
Perez, Salome Acrylic, Oil   
Pipunic, Marinko Oil Painting Marinko Pipunuc 
Poste, Kathleen Painting, Drawing Kathleen Poste  
Power, Geoff Painting, Sculpture   
Pravda, Helena Painting, Drawing Helena Pravda  
Preece, Christina painting 
Price, Tiina Watercolour, Photography Tiina Price 
Pryce, Deborah Painting, Photography   
Ragde, Shanta Watercolour, Oil   
Reidt, Judy Acrylic, Graphite drawing Judy Reidt 
Riegle, Stuart Painting, Photography   
Roberts, Sheila MacDonald Painting Sheila MacDonald Roberts  
Roden, Jenn Painting, Drawing, Photography   
Rogalsky, Annemarie Painting, Drawing   
Rohaili, Kabir Painting   
Routly, Don Watercolour, Photography   
Samolczyk, Tom Watercolour, Acrylic Tom Samolczyk  
Saunders, Janet Painting, Drawing, Pastel   
Schal, Birgit Painting, Photography   
Schizkoske, Sandra painting   
Schnabel, Mitzi Painting Mitzi Schnabel 
Shouckry, Laila Painting, Silk, Calligraphy Laila Shouckry 
Sim, Elaine painting   
Siyoum, Alemseged Y.  Painting, Drawing   
Sun, Yong Painting   
Sykes, Marilyn Japanese Brushwriting   
Taner, Aybike Painting   
Tydor, Danuta Painting, Drawing, Sculpture Danuta Tydor 
Uribe Perez, Victoria Drawing, Acrylic   
Vanderkruk, Rose Watercolour, Oil, Acrylic, Drawing   
Vanderleeuw, Wilma Painting, Sculpture, Drawing, Installation, Photography, Printmaking   
Vanderzee, (Gelske) Gail painting   
van Gaalen, Alexander Oil Painting Alexander van Gaalen 
Wasilewska, Mira Painting   
Whitefoot, J.D. Painting   
Whitfield, Brian Acrylic, Pastel   
Wright, Monte Painting Monte Wright  
Wurtele, Barbara Watercolour Painting Barbara Wurtele  
Yousefi, Aziz  Painting   
Zhang, Bingye Drawing, Painting   
Showing 122 items
Chris Farrell,
Dec 16, 2011, 9:48 AM
Chris Farrell,
Dec 16, 2011, 9:48 AM